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Trainer Excellence

If your involved in any continuous improvement programs at some stage you will be asked to lead either a full-blown training program or a localised training initiative.

Our Train the trainer course has been put together with you in mind. Learn key principles of trainer excellence, how to lead effective adult facilitation sessions, deal with difficult behaviours use your room as your tool.

Our 2 day course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to confidently lead effective adult

Please note, following the course you will be considered a fully fledged member of the family, a fellow ’Leancorean’ and will be given free access to an online forum where you can stay in touch with your course tutor, and your fellow course attendees, plus any people who have attended previous training sessions on the same, or similar subjects. This is a free service provided by us, for you, to help you continue as far as you can on the trajectory you arrive at after attending one of our courses.

Course Schedule

  • Day1

  • Helping adults learn

  • Characteristics of adult learners

  • Roles of the trainer

  • Giving feedback

  • Day 2

  • Leading energetic and powerful discussions

  • Managing activities

  • Professional presence

  • Working with challenging behaviours

  • Video feedback

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Trainer Excellence

£1,800.00 Inc VAT



8:00 am - 6:00 pm


£1,800 inc vat




Craig Cooper


  • 13/09/2018 to 14/09/2018
  • 27/09/2018 to 28/09/2018