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If you're involved in any continuous improvement programs at some stage you will be asked to lead either a full-blown training program or a localised training initiative.

Our Train the Trainer course has been put together with you in mind. Learn key principles of trainer excellence, how to lead effective adult facilitation sessions, deal with difficult behaviours and use your room as your tool.

Our course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to confidently lead effective adult training courses.



Trainer’s biography

Craig Cooper

I first had the pleasure of being involved with improvement methodologies in the 1st tier automotive industry in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. By running many practical real world workshops and using lean tools I helped improve the companies’ quality, cost and delivery performance both on the shop floor and in the back offices. I have been able to witness at first hand the impact these could have on both the people and the companies involved delivering both personal growth and true bottom line savings.

For the last 20+ years I have had the privilege to work with many teams and blue chip companies across 38 countries and 3 continents and many diverse industries from start ups to well established energy companies, looking to improve their performance in quality cost and delivery .


Craig is fully versed in a spectrum of Continuous Improvement & Lean techniques and precipitates the know-how & knowledge with great ease. His workshops were educational, productive and fun and always resulting in tangible eye-opening benefits. Craig was excellent not only with theory but delivering through practical deployment within a teaching forum – a strong asset to any industry/company! Pleaseure to work with.

Asim Malik Project Manager at Lear Corporation Katowice, Silesian District, Poland - ,

For waste elimination and leaner processes Craig is your man… the exploration and production business is known for its complexity. In our development outfit Craig has helped with multiple initiatives to make our business leaner, have faster turnaround of projects (conceptual & execution phase), and improve the quality and metrics. He is an excellent facilitator, knows how to influence people and is able to turn cynics into players. He has shown to be able to align diverse groups into teams with common objectives. He talks the language of people on the workfloor as well as in management. It has been a privilege to receive my lean education from Craig, a people person with a keen eye for business improvement.

Rutger Van Spaendonck Bowen Development Manager Brisbane, Australia - ,

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